Friday, 9 October 2009

Norsk 3: Slottsfjell Musics

Grahm Zilla and MC Isis in Thunderheist

After a hefty absence (trapeze-ing, hula-hooping, puppets and paid acting work got in the way) I thought it was time to return to Slottsfjell- Part 3 - The Musics and what I saw. I didn't see loads but what I did was awesome.

MC Isis from Thunderheist

Thunderheist were on at Kastellnatt, the evening part of Slottsfjell, that is run in a warehouse/circus tent across the harbor from the main event. They were great (go listen to Bubblegum or Jerk it, your ears will thank you) and I defy anyone to watch them without developing a crush on their lead singer who is both beautiful and fabulous and made me want to run away and front a electronic music duo in Canada whilst wearing very tight fitting and tiny dresses...
I can't remember who this band was but they had lovely two-tone spandex on

Whilst on tight fitting it seems only fair to mention that a large portion of gentleman in bands that weekend favoured lycra body suits. Sequined and non-sequined were equally popular.

I think this is Ungdomskulen. They favoured sequins.

Peachcake were unexpected and great. There were games and glitter and masks and umbrellas and a man with a lampshade on his head and a loud hailer and all sorts. It was fun. I love bands with an excess of stuff on stage. Especially if they are actually good as well.

This is Captain Credible
Captain Credible also had an excess of stuff on stage. Great stuff. A drum-playing electronic doll a vocoder and a time machine, amongst other things. He was really good -some kind of crazy synth-electronica-talking about nonsense hybrid. He was terribly apologetic and very English. Which amused myself and my glamorous lady companion Paul, but I think confused some of the Norsk audience.

That's First Aid Kit. There, behind the girl with the pirate eye patch.
First Aid Kit were on before Captain Credible and were quite a contrast but also great. Two teenage girls with guitars and lovely voices. A very good thing to listen to whilst sitting on a hill by a tower in Norway overlooking a fjord in the sunshine in July... Lovely.

Awesome Internets Friday

If you know anybody in London, I dare you not to get hooked looking through these portraits:

I'm sure someone I know must be on there somewhere!

And James and Tat, this one is for you- who wouldn't wear "I Heart Unicorns" Perfume? If it was closer to your birthdays, I would be putting in a bulk order RIGHT NOW.

(link courtesy of the ever fabulous Gala Darling)