Monday, 1 November 2010

Theatre Stuffs

So the reason I've been so slow with blogging (aside from inherent, though non-inherited, laziness) is that I've been on tour for most of the year with a kids show. And will be (drum roll) touring to (second drum roll) the fabulous (cymbal crash) the exotic (third drum roll) the awesome (drummer collapses with heat stroke) SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE for a month this Christmas. My excitement is pretty much uncontained. Woo!

The only downside is that we'll be crossing continents on the opposite path to the the amazing 1927 so will miss their new show at the BAC in Clapham this winter, The Animals and Children Took to the Streets.

But hopefully I'll be able to catch the talents fellows from The Suitcase Royale whilst I'm down under- their last show, The Ballad of Backbone Joe was one the highlights of this years Edinburgh Fringe.

My Only Friend

Googling 'Charlie Chaplin The Circus The End' when a bit bored = Dill Pixels awesome collection of end screens from old Hollywood movies. They're a bit hypnotic. Click through the link on the bottom to see even more ends...

Friday, 9 July 2010

Yes please thank you

One day I will go here:

And meet my role model in all things small statured and grumpy:

And maybe go swimming in the lake.

(images from the lovely

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Best Museum in the World ever

One of my favourite things to do when I was off school sick as a kid was to create a museum in my bedroom and then charge my parents and my sister 10p to come in. 10p to essentially look at a labeled selection of my possessions. A level of business acumen I had obviously lost when I decided to become an actor...

Anyway, I haven't yet been to the Museum of Everything or the Johnson Museum of the Odd (though I have been to Pitt Rivers in Oxford, which is awesome) but the best museum I have ever encountered has to be Dennis Severs House near Brick Lane in London.

(Image from

Dennis Severs, an artist, brought the house in the 70's and created the home of the ficticious Jervis family from the 18th and 19th century. Walking through it is as though you're chasing the past and its inhabitants...

At Christmas they recreate Christmas past with their Silent Night events... GO! Take everyone you know! It's SO GOOD!

This is what they do...

... at my resting job. And they are very good at it:

Migrations Highlights from Morreaux on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Television makes these daily sacrifices possible

My faux-norsk boyfriend loves Hal Hartley's movies, so I've seen few (though they can be a bit difficult to get hold of) His real favourites are The Unbelievable Truth and Amateur and last week we watched an old VHS of Trust, which was awesome. Sparse, theatrical and well, nothing much really happens, one of the comments on its IMDB page is titled "I love it! But why?" which is pretty damn accurate.

All pictures from Hal Hartley's website: