Friday, 18 September 2009

More Norsk: Norway Land Part 2 (The Reckoning)

All photos by Smashy. Please ask if you'd like to use one.

Ah, yes, More Norsk. I figure if I gradually persuade two more people to come to Norway every July, eventually every awesome person I know will be there...

(and it will be just like my childhood plan to make everyone I liked move to an island off Scotland with mountains and beaches and forests but unusually balmy weather, where we would all have cottages and horses and a lot of lego, and a sweet shop which would be free)

The reason behind the yearly Norsk jaunt is the wonderful Slottsfjell festival (doubly wonderful because they asked me to perform this year) which is held in Tonsberg, a few hours away from Oslo. The festival site goes up a hill, circles a tower on the top, and overlooks a fjord, then the club part of the festival is over the other side of town, across the marina, in an old factory and a circus top. Which all in all, equals one hella pretty festival.

Norwegian festivals, it has to be said, also have the lead on good weather compared to those here in the UK... And the one day it rained, one local method of dealing with the wet was simply to take off most items of clothing. I have yet to see that in London...

Up next: Bands and Stuff at Slottsfjell
Jugglingspinster at Cargo
The Perils of Static Trapeze

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Nights at the Circus Space

50's Circus School images from:
Next week I start a trapeze course at the Circus school I sometimes work at.
Which is awesome.
But as the new skill I learnt this week left me with blisters and a sore arm, I may be in line for some serious bruising. I'm not called Smashy for nothing. This week I learnt to knit. Next week I shall learn to fall with grace from several feet in the air.

Fabulous dress WITH LIONS ON IT made and worn by the lovely Solanah, all images from her blog:
Ideally to practice I would wear a dress as fabulous as this but the crying and the sweating and the tearing and the blood would ruin it, which would be rubbish.