Monday, 1 November 2010

Theatre Stuffs

So the reason I've been so slow with blogging (aside from inherent, though non-inherited, laziness) is that I've been on tour for most of the year with a kids show. And will be (drum roll) touring to (second drum roll) the fabulous (cymbal crash) the exotic (third drum roll) the awesome (drummer collapses with heat stroke) SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE for a month this Christmas. My excitement is pretty much uncontained. Woo!

The only downside is that we'll be crossing continents on the opposite path to the the amazing 1927 so will miss their new show at the BAC in Clapham this winter, The Animals and Children Took to the Streets.

But hopefully I'll be able to catch the talents fellows from The Suitcase Royale whilst I'm down under- their last show, The Ballad of Backbone Joe was one the highlights of this years Edinburgh Fringe.

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